We regret to announce that EcoBot Night at Minute Maid Park is delayed until next year because the ticket order and delivery system cannot be ready for the opening of the school year.

We spoke with the Houston Astros organization today and agreed that it would be best to reschedule EcoBot Night at Minute Maid Park for the Spring of 2015, in relation to our Challenge Day on May 16, 2015.

Postponing to next year provides the time necessary to get ticketing and other details organized successfully.


All-Earth Ecobot Challenge
May 16, 2015
Hall E, NRG Park



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Register Now

Teams of 2 will engineer NXT/EV3 bots to pound, smash, flip, rip, and destroy your opponents battle bot! It's time to get the battle drum beats going! Daily, students will build, battle, rebuild, and battle some more until we have an undisputed champion team of the ring!

  • Team of current Texas Education Agency Board certified teachers will teach this 4 day program.
  • Bots, technology, and snacks provided (lunch for full day campers).
  • Students just need to bring their game face!
  • Trophies & Awards provided.
  • For students entering grades 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9 in the Fall of 2014.

Download and print a flyer to share with your friends!

Thank you!

Parents, Students, Teachers, & Parents, Family & Friends!

We are grateful to American business & industry for philanthropic backing of the EcoBot Challenge, and thankful for generous support from our competition mission sponsors - the Boeing Company, Waste Management, Oceaneering International and Foster Wheeler USA. We appreciate support by KBR, ExxonMobil, the Fluor Corporation, the Offshore Safety Council, IEEE, Cole Chemical and Rehak Creative Services. We are humbled by the support of the Brown Foundation, Inc., the Kinder Morgan Foundation, the Joan Capps Foundation, Inc. and Strake Foundation, helping young learners become masters of exciting 21st-Century skills!

These donors make it possible to provide the EcoBot Challenge, an innovative workforce development competition which engages young learners with useful, complex math and applied physics, showcasing the ‘real-world’ applicability and usefulness of knowledge. The Ecobot Challenge drives collegiate-level learning into the lives of our youngest learners and provides them with the opportunity to design and build workplace-relevant robots.


Thank you for working hard during the 2013-2014 Ecobot Season! Your Challenge Day Robotic Scores can be viewed here and your Bingerdy Final Scores here.

Many thanks to our exhibitors that helped us bring a well-rounded day to all who entered the doors of Hall E in Reliant Center!

  • "Pipeline for the Sciences" offered exciting science experiments on Challenge Day. Volunteers instructed 1st-4th grade students with safe, hands-on science activities through a series of exciting learning stations. "Pipeline for the Sciences" was engaging with younger students when they were not watching their siblings in the EcoBot Challenge. A special thanks to Donna Cole and Cole Chemical for offering such an experience to the participants.

  • The Houston Public Library gave out information about their summer programs and signed people up for library cards!

  • The Subsea Tieback Foundation showcased SEATIGER! An under-water mini, remote operated vehicle that provided hands-on demonstrations of key science principles.