The All-Earth Ecobot Challenge is an innovative engineering competition that engages fifth through eighth grade students in complex problem-solving, while developing critical thinking skills and elevating their confidence in formulating solutions to real-world missions.

Using autonomous robotics and computer technology, Ecobot teams solve challenges in energy exploration, transportation, technological innovation, medical research and environmental sustainability.  In addition to sharpening their knowledge of mathematics and physics, Ecobot participants learn valuable life lessons in teamwork, time management, presentation planning and marketing.  Interaction with professionals from a variety of related fields also helps participants to connect school to career and envision a future that employs their unique talents.


Each Ecobot team should make plans to attend at least 1 Build-It Day this fall. Build-It Days focus on building and developing robotic programming and engineering skills. Teams will go home having a high level of robotics skills giving them a practical application to use during their practices before focusing on the specific game table missions.

Build-It Days will feature multiple stations, fun and learning for all levels, where teams will spend time at such stations like:

  • Robot Non-Autonomous Maze (finely tune non-sensory navigation skills necessary for game board maneuvering)
  • Sensory Overload Autonomous Maze (Using sensors to navigate a maze)
  • Attached to Engineering (Using arm attachments for manipulation)
  • Battle Bots (Using blue-tooth remote technology to battle robots)

Build-It Days for the Fall 2014:

  • November 8 in Humble ISD
  • November 15 in Cy-Fair ISD
  • December 6 in Houston ISD


Each Ecobot team should make plans to attend at least 1 Practice Day this coming spring. Practice Days will focus on mission specific strategies, rules, and game pieces.

Practice Days for the Spring 2015

  • January 17 – Houston ISD
  • January 31 - TBD
  • February 7 - TBD
  • February 28 - TBD
  • March 7 - TBD
  • April 11 - TBD

All-Earth Ecobot Challenge
May 16, 2015
Hall E, NRG Park



Thank you for working hard during the 2013-2014 Ecobot Season! Your Challenge Day Robotic Scores can be viewed here and your Bingerdy Final Scores here.