Welcome to the All-Earth Ecobot Challenge Volunteer Registration

Saturday, May 16, 2015
NRG Park, Hall E

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Please review the listed volunteer positions and times you are interested in serving! Fill out the form and click submit. All fields indicated with an * are required. For assistance or additional questions, please contact volunteer@ecobotchallenge.com.


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Team Leads will collaborate between now and May 16th. This will include emails, teleconferences, and occasional meetings. There are a variety of tasks from planning and organizing to training and team management.

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Yes, please contact me to discuss a task/role I can help with during the planning period!


There will be many tasks and items to setup on Friday May 15th. These include games tables, decorations, signage, and other preparations. We can use your help anytime between 11am - 8pm.

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Yes, I'm in for May 15th setup.

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It will take a wide variety and a large population of energetic volunteers to make this day a success. Doors open for volunteers at 7am, the event runs from 8am to about 5pm. You are an integral part of the day!


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Volunteer teams with a brief description are noted below to give you an idea of where you would like to contribute!

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Please review and find a team that fits your availability and interest!

Table Judges
Table judges are directly involved with teams to referee and score each match. No specific robotics or Ecobot experience required, but a familiarity with the 2015 game rules and objectives is needed. Web training on the game details will occur in advance of the Challenge Day.

Table Judges are often standing and are most active during the competition rounds of the day.

Challenge Team
This team is responsible for supporting Challenge Day with scorekeeping, proctoring, and game table assistance.

This team has easily shared roles at varying times.

Likely role titles include: Score Data Entry, Scoresheet Runner, Technician, Game Table Assistants

Show Team
This team administers the award process and helps coordinate the Closing Ceremony. Tasks include working with Scorekeeping, Final Eco-Genius round, documenting award recipients, setting up the physical awards, and helping move teams in/out of the process.

The award team is most active starting at the last round of the competition through the closing ceremony.

Team Liaisons
This team works with the Team Coordinator to help greet teams/teachers/coaches and direct them to their pit tables. They act as an interface point for team questions and can help locate the best resource to answer those needs. Centrally located at Pit Administration, some roles do roam about the team areas. Previous Ecobot or robotics coaching experience is a plus but not required.

Liaisons are often seated at the check-in tables and pit administration, and are very active early in the day with diminishing roles towards the last round of competition.

Likely role titles include: Team Liaison, Pit Administrator, Practice Table Reset Crew

Queue Team
This team works with the Queuing Coordinator to execute the various schedules and plans to move teams throughout the event venue. Safely and efficiently routing large numbers of teams to/from the competition and pit areas is an important task to keep the day on schedule.

This role is mostly sitting with some walking and is most active during the competition rounds.

Access Control
This team works with the Security Coordinator to help control access and ensure safety to various parts of the venue. Only participant teams and event staff are permitted in many locations, this role will help monitor that access checking wristbands and badges. There are also roaming roles for basic maintenance monitoring for spills, trip hazards, and other elements that need to be addressed by facilities.

This team will have many shifts and time slots for all day coverage of key areas. Roles are mostly sitting with some walking.

Likely role titles include: Access Monitor, Facility Team

This team will work with the Administration Planning team in a variety of tasks. These range from signage and sponsor banners, meeting deliveries, preparing and distributing prize bags to organizing and creating name badges and check-in packets. Additionally, t-shirt sales, volunteer and team check-in, catering/event admin, and greeters will also be needed.

There are opportunities to help in the time period leading up to the event, Setup Day, and Challenge Day.